Chronic illness

Sensibly save spoons!

When it comes to conserving energy as a spoonie, I feel pretty qualified. I’ve had a chronic illness since I was 4, and in the last 2 years my pain and fatigue has gotten considerably worse. But I have learnt how to manage the fatigue in that time, leaving some spoons for things I enjoy like shopping. Here are some tips to help you kick chronic fatigues BUTT.

1. Use a toweling gown!
Ever get out of the shower and feel like you’ve ran a marathon? Same. Using a towel to dry your bits and pits can feel like more of a workout, but this simple tip has saved me an extra spoon! I use a towelling gown to dry off because it effortlessly dries all of your crevices. It’s difficult to find them in shops and they’re a bit expensive but you can get them online and they’re worth the money.

2. Save pain with Voice To Text
As someone who works on social media and has chronic pain I know how sore my fingers get when typing, but there’s another text option… VOICE TO TEXT! On phones there’s a feature called Voice To Text where you can use the mic to say what you want to type and BAM it’s there! It’s really useful for long text and saves a lot of energy.

3. Birth control
Why have a period if you don’t need one? That is all.

4. Relaxation

Anxiety. Social anxiety. Health anxiety. I assume you’ve experienced them too. It’s so exhausting being stressed out but mindfulness, meditation and relaxation have all really helped me stay overall calmer on this tough journey. Being relaxed is so effortless and blissful. It’s an easy form of self care that has many benefits like lowering anxiety, depression, risks of heart disease and MORE. There are hundreds of resources online to learn about relaxation, do meditation (for free!) and manage your mental health. My favourites are: A simple app called Calm with breathing exercises, meditation and relaxing sleep stories which I use during panic attacks and anxious times. To monitor my mental health I use Pacifica which has features like mood, health and thought tracker as well as meditation, a community and CBT. YouTube is an amazing place to learn about self care and it also has free guided meditations for all sorts of situations.

5. Phone games with kids.
I have a little brother who is my favourite person in the world. He’s 8 and full of energy. I wish I could spend more time with him but he is exhausting. I have learnt that instead of running around the house like a fool like my sister does with him I can just play games on apps and he’s satisfied! We like minecraft because it’s like exploring the world and playing building sand castles and fighting zombies without actually having to leave bed. This is still tiering in the end but nowhere near as exhausting. It gives us quality time together.

6. Skype friends
Social events with chronic illness is hurt hell honestly. Thinking about the aftermath we have to pursue is awful. BUT, I have a solution me and my friends do, SKYPE. We have Skype movie nights, sleepovers, birthday parties, lunch dates and everything. All from the comfort of our bed. Since a lot of my friends are spoonies too this is really convenient. I don’t have to worry about people having colds and germs, the pain of them moving around me or the fact I’ll be tired by the time I’m ready to leave the house. Skype is free and you can have group calls. It’s a great way to socialise and save spoons!

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