Pacifica review: easy self care

For the last year or so I’ve consistently used the wellbeing app Pacifica to manage my Depression and Anxiety. It includes daily tools for stress reduction and to improve your wellbeing, alongside a community. Based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & Meditation it is the perfect place to begin building a happier and reduced stress life. 

The simple mood tracking feature helps me motive when my mental health is worse than usual, I can then use the app to manage this. I love looking at my Hope Board to help motivate me to stay strong. It has quotes, achievements and photos of things that help me feel hopeful. In the past I’ve used the community but I don’t find it useful. Isn’t a very tight knit community and the fact you can’t reply to particular people meals you are unable to get to know people.

The app has poor accessibility features. It has no features for visually impaired users and voice over is difficult to use in-app. Luckily the simple and easy-to-use layout makes up for it.

Struggling with your mental health? Try out Pacifica. It has greatly improved how I maintain my mental health and helps me monitor my recovery.


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