One of the biggest hurdles I’ve had to overcome was a horrendous pain flare in spring. It left me bed bound. I was no longer able to attend school, go out or even be awake because it all hurt too much. I was drugged up on morphine so sleeping 20 hours a day too. This severely affected my mental health because I was unable to use my management techniques. “What’s the point in being here if I’m just suffering?’ I thought. I was watching the world go by without me. I lost control over my body and the remains of my Indapendance.

It was absolutely miserable; I didn’t know what to do. After 6 months the flare ended. But I had to rebuild my mental strength. All the prior work I had done to manage my mental health had been lost to the morphine daze, sleep and pain.
I believe that the reason I got through it was because of all the support I received. Choosing good people to be in your support system is really important. I’m incredibly lucky to have my family, friends, teachers and medical professionals who help me. They were shoulders to cry on. Took time out of their day to supervise me. They’d talk sense into me. Take me to the therapist. They’d keep me safe.
During a mental breakdown you NEED help. It’s invasive I know, dehumanising I know, but eventually when you are through the darkness you’ll be so appreciative of those who helped you. Please reach out for help. That’s these people’s jobs. It’s what they signed up for. Schools tend to offer counselloring services, so does the GP. There’s also helplines, family, friends, websites, charities, communities and so much many more resources to help. It doesn’t have to be therapy and talking about issues sometimes just having your best friend over to keep an eye on you and keep you company is beneficial enough. Nobody can help you unless you want it. You need to ask for help to get it. What’s the worst they can say? No. So then you move on to the next place. You’re never alone in this you just have to find the right people. Respect yourself enough to get help because you deserve it.


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