The Best

On this journey you will lose people. Not because you are a bad person but because they don’t understand. They don’t have to.  Sometimes the depression which accompanies chronic illness means you push people away.  Sometimes it’s too painful  to see people living a “normal” life when you can’t. Sometimes friends are too immature to understand, they take your absence personal. But those who stay are so so valuable. 

Those who leave, well it’s their loss really.   Because even though you are sick, the essence of who you are is still there. And only a best friend will realise that.  Like I’m still hilarious even though I’m tired.

This is my best friend and I  5 years ago. We met through our mums when starting at secondary school and just clicked  C9D7CC32-F719-4243-9BDA-9CBAEA7E720B

I had some secret struggles at this time, and a few years later would have my health fall apart. But she stayed through it all. Even now when we can’t see each other for 2 months at a time, because she’s exhaustingand life is too. She stayed.  She is happy to just get a few texts a week or a few minutes to see me.

That is a true best friend. One who can see you at your worst, and your best and treasure both. I  treasure our days roaming the streets having fun, but also the times when we just lay in bed and cuddle. It’s simple but it’s precious. There is a quote I will forever love, that applies here and with my best friends all over the world.

“Side by side, or miles apart, sisters are forever connected by the heart.”


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