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Spoonie, you are enough!

734D649B-F73E-4511-A669-38AE4B51F851In this society where people’s worth constructed and not just inherent, it’s so easy to feel like a failure. If you can’t work, can’t study then what is your worth based on? In my opinion so much more. Sure it’s great to contribute to the world, keep yourself busy and whatever, but are you happy? Do you feel empowered in your work? If not then is all this additional stress worth it? Because you are a whole person. You aren’t just a teacher, a mom, a student, a child. Though I know with the media, as usual it can be hard to realise this. It’s not preached to not give to the world… Maybe you can’t work but you can give in other ways.But if this is all you can do, you are still enough!

I feel like it’s important to emphasise that your productivity does not define your worth. I know it’s important because I too have felt this way! If you can’t be productive THAT IS OKAY. That is what it is!   Everybody is born with a level of worth. Your 

ability, appearance, 

Intelagance, money, gender does not define your self worth. Sure it may for other people but those people just aren’t aware. Hey, You weren’t aware either! As long as you feel worthy, that is what is important. 

And even if you don’t. That’s okay too.  I know it’s so hard seeing everybody go live life and you are just here. Especially when every young person is beginning school again. But you are here. That’s the thing. That gives you an inherent worth!

You’re just living differently! And that’s okay! Everybody takes a different path in life. Even “normal” people whether it’s the day you were born or the parents you’ve got you do take different turns to get through life. This is your path. Your path is taking care of your mind body and soul, so you can be you! So much in the world that you are here to experience and enjoy. It’s the little things in life that are worth living for!

You can get through this. Life is worth living. Even for those few and far between good moments like a date with your BF or BFF, delicious food, laughing, nature, eating fruit, going to a concert, being in the sunshine, feeling good in your body, whatever, those moments are so worth all the crappy ones in between! Sure those times suck. The pain is awful. But it does make the good times so much more precious.  

You are enough. You are strong. You are loved. 💙

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