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Spoonie showering 101

Showering with chronic health issues is hell but, it’s mandatory. It’s like a wholenwork out  Sometimes I sweat more after my shower from the work out haha.

 Here’s a few tips I have for you:

1. Have someone else wash your hair, you can wear your underwear so you feel more comfortable.

2. Use a shower chair/stool. You can buy foldable ones online.

3. Use a towel robe so you don’t have to dance around even more afterwards. 

4. Between showers use extra wet wet wipes, or body wash foam. I use nilaqua which is affordable and moisturising.

5. Between showers keep your hair in a bun so it doesn’t get and look as dirty.  It’s also good because it doesn’t irritate you.

6. Shower a day or two (depending how long you take to recover) before an outing/event so you won’t be as exhausted by the time you get there.

It’s easier for me to leave it a few days between showers because I have no life so I don’t move around and get sweaty, so I don’t really smell between the showers. I don’t see many people sonits not like I’m going to work with greasy hair just to bed. Honestly I have bigger issues than my presentation to the world. I do care. I’m a teenager and a woman. I love fashion. But again bigger issues. I don’t get changed and shower everyday because it’s unnecessary energy I do not have. 

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