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My Top Podcasts



As someone who spends most my time on bedrest I have a lot of time on my hands, but not a lot of energy just a lot of naps! I have found podcasts a great distraction.  A podcast is on demand s radio programmes basically. They have them on everything, sports, comedy, beauty, food, celebs, politics, feminism. Religion and all sorts.  It’s similar to YouTube BUT much better quality & longer and obviously just audio.  For someone who finds moving hard and everything exhausting it’s good to just pop it on and close my eyes. Sure you can do that with tv, but you kinda have to keep track with tv.  I listen to podcasts anytime I’m awake. I probably average 7 hours of podcasts a day lol! It’s a bit excessive! But I lovvve them. I can’t do much besides play on my phone and listen anyway so it’s really good for me.  It makes me feel less lonely and distracts me from my body misbehaving!

Here are some of my favourite podcasts, with mini descriptions. Seriously don’t knock it till you try it.  They’re good for while you’d be cooking, driving, working, whatever. At the end I’ll tell you how to download podcasts. 

My top podcasts 

Beautiful Anonymous  – One hour phone calls with a stranger each episode discussing whatever comes along.

The Guilty Feminist – A comedic podcast with special guests on a panel discussing all things 21st century feminism. 

Guys We Fucked  – Candid anti slur shaming cobversations about sex with comedians.

Made Of Human – Chats with comedians and other public figures diving deep into all things life.

Crime Stories With Nancy Grace – Nancy and her fellow experts discuss the latest criminal cases going on in the US. 

The Vanished – Each episode interviews a family member about a missing loved one to try and get the story out there for more information.

Sickboy – Conversations with people who have chronic diseases with a comedic twist. 

The Unofficial Expert – Comedians Sydnee and Marie join guests to discuss their life expertise, like travel, partying, sex, being cool etc. 

Stuff Mom Never Told You – Research backed episodes discussing the issues women today and I. History face. 

Invisibilia – Telling the stories which we don’t often see to help you see your life differently.

Let It Out – Candid long form conversations with a diverse range of guests to inspire the world.

Deal With It  – Comedians and their guests discuss life with physical and mental health issues.

Red Handed – The uk true crime podcast. 

Up And Vanished – Each series does a deep investigation into a cold missing persons case in the US. 

Reveal – The hidden stories of the world uncovered by journalism.

Death Sex And Money – Exploring the big issues which we don’t talk about enough!

She’s All Fat  – Discussing all things body positivity feminism and current affairs with chill vibes only.

Unfound – every episode interviews family members of  a missing person to tell their honest story.

Those Conspiracy Guys – A Comedy show discussing all kinds of conspiracy theories and paranormal happenings. 

Tablemanners – Friendly chats over dinner with celebs. 

Radiolab – Journalistic fascinating stories from the world.

Endless Thread – Each episode dives deep into a story from Reddit.  

The Trail Went Cold – Each episode covers a unsolved true crime story. 

Call Your Girlfriend – The podcast for long distance millennial besties discussing all things. 

Fearless Rebelle Radio – Interviews with experts on body shame and how to empower people to break free from societies barriers.

Radiolab – Journalistic investigations into interesting topics of all kinds.

Bare Naked Bravery – Interviews with strong people about bravery with singer songwriter Emily Ann Peterson. 

Bertcast – Chats with comedians and other public figures  about life. 

Joe Rogan Experience – Comedian Joe Rogan interviews fascinating people in long form. 

Invisible Not Broken – Interviews with chronically ill people. 

True crimey pods

Bear Brook

Hell And Gone

Sold In America

Dr Death

True Time All The Time

Crime Junkie


Atlanta Monster

Thin Air

Missing Maura Murray

Emma Fillipoff Is Missing 


Missing Alissa


Thinking Sideways

Searching For Closure

Finding Cleo

The Teachers Pet

Knock Knock

I’ll update this more over time 

How to download podcasts:

Podcasts are available on all devices including computers as most have main websites with the recordings. On the iPhone, there’s a built in podcast app. On others you go to google play or type podcast within the App Store.  Then you find one which is appealing and all you do is subscribe! Then they go onto your feed and you can listen whenever and wherever. 

I hope I’ve won you over to listen to podcasts! It took my dad ages to persuade me. But seriously try them! I’m addicted haha. 



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    1. You totally should. I find them to be a lot more distracting than music. They actually add info to your brain you know even if you don’t remember it later it’s a distraction!

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