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Nilaqua Body Wash review

Let’s be honest, showering when you have chronic fatigue is rough. It becomes a dreaded chore. I know for me, I don’t shower as much as I’d like to because I sleep through the times I’ve planned too, someones not always around to help, and just generally too exhausted. 763ADDBF-CADA-4C5B-82BA-1C0B02178645.png

But friends, I have a life hack you’ll thank me for – Nilaqua body wash foam🤗. Does not sound exciting but guys, showers aren’t either. Nilaqua is a brand which offers affordable no rinse personal care products – like no rinse shampoo & body wash. Their body wash is unsecented, comes in an easy to use spray bottle & comes out in a thick foam. It is antibacterial so it actually does clean your bits and pits – allowing you to feel cleaner on them exhausted days.  All of their products are pretty affordable and were made for patients who aren’t able to wash but can also be used when camping! 

I was worried at first it wouldn’t help but I really do notice that it leaves me feeling and smelling cleaner between showers. It’s also lasted me months even though I use it a few times a week. It’s much better than using a wetwipe & probably better for the earth.  It does say it’s unscented but it does have a mild smell but it isn’t too bothersome & does kind of evaporate once the product is rubbed in.  

You may be thinking girl just shower but it’s not that easy. Me showering takes so much energy for that hour, but also takes away energy from the next day.  I have to PLAN out my showers around my fatigue and my parents (who help me) schedules which I don’t mind of course – it’s just how it is. But this products been such a big help.  I have tried their shampoo it did feel cleaner than using dry shampoo but I feel like it takes just as much as a shower because you still have to rub it in and everything. But if you’re bedbound for a period of time or I guess camping – it’s great. 

This post is t sponsored or anything I just genuinely find this so helpful AND ITS AFFORDABLE which is so important when a lot of us can’t make the money we’d like to.

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