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Lessons In Recovery

Lessons I’ve learnt through my ED recovery thanks to the body acceptance movements:
* BEING FAT IS OKAY. * Not all overweight people are unhealthy. Your BMI does not dictate how good or bad your vitals are. (Read about Health At Every Size)
* Fat is just a descriptor. The word fat is only bad because people have attached a stigma to it. By calling ourselves fat when we are, we take back the power. Like how LGBT people have reclaimed the word queer
* The more you diet the harder weight loss is. Studies show 95-98% of diets fail and people gain back the weight within a few years. The more you diet the less likely you are to loose permanent weight because it fucks with your metabolism. But we continue to diet because we’ve invested so much into it financially and personally.
* You don’t have to hate yourself!!! It’s drilled into us in ways from childhood But you can unlearn those behaviours. * You don’t have to love yourself either. Being neutral is good enough!!! Most of us have far bigger issues in life. Even just being okay with who you are is an improvement.
* Recovery is fluid. Sometimes will be harder than others.
* Recovery is possible. If you have to use food as control. You can flip it. Control your recovery instead of your destruction. Like you would push away the temptation to eat push away the temptation to not eat. Focus your energy into your ultimate wellbeing.

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