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I was recently sent some free catheters to try & review.
The brand is called compact cath and they make well, compact catheters. These catheters are different to other designs I’ve seen since they come in this kind of disc shaped spiral which makes it super small and flat in your bag or whatever. One of the biggest issues of having to use medical devices IS how much space they take up. These catheters are definitely compact since they don’t come with a bag, it’s one you point into the toilet instead. 71AA99CB-AD98-4162-BB37-BBA59246DA25
Here’s my opinion on the product: as someone who uses catheters due to my nmo spine damage I’m always keen to make it easier because they’re so annoying. Having one this compact is a great idea because it’s more discreet. But because I’m blind I did struggle with the whole no bag thing, so they’re not for me. But they’re very small, and sleek. So for someone who can see they’d be good.
The way the packaging is could be difficult for people who have limited fine motor skills as it can be a little tricky to remove from the case. But if your hands work prettty well and you have grip I think it would be fine.
These catheters are good in theory but they’re not for me. I am open to trying them if they make a version with bags though. Also, the person who helped coordinate this collab Divya was super helpful and considerate when I was unable to work on this review. Which I really appreciated.

You can learn more about the catheters @

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  1. Thank you so much. I really need to check them. I struggle with urinary retention due to painful Bladder syndrome.

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