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My Spoonie Essentials

Spoonie Essentials

There’s so many smal things in my daily life that help me so much. It’s taken a lot to find these tools and I’m so glad I have them now! So here’s the things which help me!

Electric Heating Blanket I have had an electric blanket for a few years now and it’s a major part of managing my pain. I use it like a full body heating pad. You can control the temperatures and it’s great if you are always cold. DONT SLEEP WITH IT ON OR YOULL DROWN IN SWEAT

Water Bottle simple, but I only drink from water bottles because I find glasses too heavy but ALSO I can drink laying down from a bottle which is good since I’m in bed all the time.

Nilaqua Body Foam I’ve written a review on this product before but as someone who can’t shower often, its a life saver! It’s like handsanitaer for your bits and pits haha!

Long Shoe Horn super helpful. Putting shoes on sat on the floor is dumb when you can use this haha!

Tangle Teaser
Boring and random but my hairs so curly and cobby and I’m so sensitive but a tangle teaser is so useful!!!

Magnesium Oil
Magnesium scientifically improves muscle health so I use this to help my pain.
Foam Wedge
I use a foam wedge when I’m in bed sat up to help support me better because electric beds are expensivvve (but I have one now)

Have been a game changer for me! They have them on everything and it’s such a effortless distraction (I have a blog post with my favourites)

Game changer! My smart crutches have helped me maintain my very little mobility as normal crutches hurt too bad. I do plan on doing a full review of them in the future.

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  1. I have actually got this saved in my drafts haha but I called it Spoonie Survuval Kit

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