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Change, Hope & Uncertainty In Chronic Illness

  A huge part of living with a chronic illness is change.  You go from one physical state to another within months, and then before you know it you’re used to it and then it changes again.  It can change for the positive and negative.  Sometimes it’s changing because of a treatment or new symptom.  It’s so unsettling to have no sense of safety in what’s on the road ahead. It gets scary to think about the future because our hope has been shattered so many times by our body. 


 Whether it’s loosing hope when a treatment or doctor doesn’t work, or because you’re tired of feeling so bad it’s a major part of being sick.  The future as a sick person js scary. Can I work, can I have a relationship, can I get better? Who knows.

  They say to live in the moment because nobody knows what the future holds… but societies standards don’t allow us to live that way. We feel pressure to conform, we technically need to in order to have money and survive. But when you’re sick being in the moment is the only option you have. You have to be present.  You can only live in that day or that hour.  It’s scary. But that kind of feeling can really affect your mental healt


 I don’t think these feelings of change uncertainty and fear of hope are uncommon in our sick community because I hear it constantly. It’s just part of the grieving process which comes with getting sick I think. It takes so long to hit that point of acceptance. It all just takes time. Chronically ill people at esome of the most patient people you’ll ever meet!

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