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Relying On Myself

  Yesterday I entered my new home for the next 3 months during self isolation, a large open farmhouse style apartment with dark wooden beams lining the ceiling and open sky lights bringing the outside inside.  It is my cozy sanctuary.  The corner sofa has a mountain of pillows to drown in and a  soft but thick blanket.  At first I didn’t like the furniture here, a mix of modern and rustic, but with time they’re growing on me.  At one side of the room is a big round table under a window for me to eat and create upon and a lovely painted Welsh dresser.  The other side is my bedroom where my gray bed frame stands with my favourite stuffed animals and blankets on.  This space is so peaceful even with the windows open I hear the birds chirping more than the traffic.


 image description: yellow painting with black writing which says in time I will leave this city for now I will stay alive  there’s a few birds and buildings drawn beneath the words  

I usually don’t care for myself as by the time I get to the kitchen at my house I’m in too much pain and tired. But with my own little kitchen I know where everything is and am able to cook some simple meals for myself. Thankfully it has a counter top I can put a chair by to eat and cook. It has a lot of counter space if I decide to become the next Master Chef! I’m joking I only know how to use a microwave and make pasta! Although I make a pretty mean cheese sandwich too!

  Opposite the  kitchen is the very small bathroom that’s just  enough to fit a bath, toilet and sink.  Having a space like this is great for me because everything is together and in its own place.

Although I was bedbound for over 4 years this is different because I was asleep all of that time. But I’m taking this opportunity to do lots of art and writing because nothing else is taking my energy.  I’ve gone through a lot in the last 6 months so have a lot to tell everyone.

  Since my PA who usually comes every week dsy is off for me to be in quarantine this is a good opportunity to experiment with my independance now I’m doing better physically these days. It’s daunting but what I’ve craved my whole life so I’ m grateful we have our self contained apartment at my families house.

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