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Looking Toward The Future

I’ve spent th last few weeks researching for my future. I’m hoping to start education in autumn once lockdown is over. I never got to finish my gcses and left high school with a btec health and social and nothing else. At the time that was a massive achievement in itself and I couldn’t of done it without my home schooling tutor who literally had to write for me while I tried to stay awake with her. I would only do a few lessons a week and they’d usually end early because I would start falling asleep. It’s been a year since I was education and I’ve made a lot of progress with my health, so I’m hoping I can successfully do education now. I’m going to need a part time schedule but besides that I think I’ll be okay. And if I can’t handle it then I’ll just have to stop.


The most promising option right now is Hereford College for the Blind. It’s a residential community college for visually impaired students ages 16-25. I would have endless opportunities there from social, educational and general life skills. I’m very nervous about how much I’ll be able to handle but all I can do is try. I need friends. I need qualifications. And I need a life.
If I get into the colllege I’ll make sure to tell you all about the journey. Hopefully it’ll go smoothly and I’ll be able to build a good life with lots of friends like when I was younger. I miss learning and I miss having friends in person.

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2 thoughts on “Looking Toward The Future”

  1. I hope you get in! This sounds like such an amazing opportunity! Good luck and can’t wait to hear updates!

  2. That sound like a plan Niamh ,nothing venture nothing gain ! You can always come home if it dont work for you and you have an amazing family to support you ,this lock down as helped you to develope you independance and give you the confidence to ho forward.sending my love Nanny xxx

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