Chronic illness

Chronic Pain Is Unpredictable

My body is like the weather, you can predict it most of the time. You can plan. Take precautions. Change your plans. But some days there is a sudden downfall of rain causing a heaviness in my soul. Cold that makes me so sore I’m numb. A wind that makes my skin sting. Hail that knocks the wind out of my chest.

On those days it is not safe to go out. All I can do is snuggle up in my cosiest clothes with my heating pad. I feel like I’ve been windswept. It’s a shock to the system. It makes it hard to plan. I have to wait because I may still be in the storm.

Sometimes it takes days or weeks for the sun to shine again. But even then, I have to be careful, and take more precautions incase the storm comes again.

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