Monsters Are Real | A Poem|

Why are you awake? I whispered

Monsters she said wideyed

Monsters aren’t real

They are real

They hurt me and give me bad memories

That was when it clicked

The monsters from her past were haunting her

How do you explain to a child monsters aren’t real?

When they live in the darkness of their mind

In their home

At their school

And everywhere they know

The truth is monsters are real

They look like me and you

They hide in plain sight

A presence in the light

In hospitals

In families

In stores

In school

In this world

All kindness

All humour

All hugs

All smiles

Until they aren’t

Until they move an inch too close

Until they say one eary thing

Until they dismiss your feelings

Until you feel unsafe

How can you make a child feel safe when she sees monsters everyday in the stories of her mind?

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