My 2020 Podcast List

Podcasts have kept me sane in 2020, with all this isolation from the pandemic some days they’re the only conversations I hear! Here’s a list of the podcasts I’ve enjoyed most and listen to every single episode of, I hope you find some new ones for yourself!


  1. Good For You

This is a podcast hosted by comedian Whitney Cummings where she interviews her comedy friends and other famous people. She asks in-depth questions about their life which you may not hear on other podcasts. She’s very informed on psychology and neuroscience through the research she did to help herself. She discusses relationships, trauma, and comedy a lot. Over the years she has fostered and adopted lots of animals and is passionate about animal rights. I really enjoy the funny but informative format of her interviews.

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  1. Shagged Married Annoyed

A comedy podcast by

comedian Chris Ramsay and his wife actor and performer Rosie Ramsay. They’re open about their life with their young son, the ups and downs of their marriage and so much more. If you’re looking for a Friday morning pick me up to get you ready for the weekend, this is your best bet!

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  1. Relatively Sane

On this podcast hosted by comedian Jessica Kirson she interviews comics and others in her life about their careers and personal lives. She is very open about her mental health struggles. Her and her guests can make light out of any bad situation.

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  1. The Gossip Gays

Good friends Dany Beard and Billy Andrews discuss topical issues affecting the world and the LGBT+ community with an honest and hilarious manner. They have had a lot of Queer icons join them but are usually alone.

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  1. System Speak

Hosted by a therapist who has dissociative identity disorder  (formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder) in this podcast Emily the host interviews experts and discusses her own journey and recovery from trauma. I have learned so much about those around me and myself through her discussions on trauma and attachment. She works for the international society of the study of trauma and dissociation and has adopted 6 children with complex medical issues. Though the episodes with experts can be very serious and complicated, her ones alone can be funny and relatable. She and the other parts of herself have been very open. She is very careful about trigger warnings and avoiding trauma dumping on this platform.

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  1. Sex Talk With My Mom

Mother and son Cam and KarenLee Porter interview guests about their sex lives in an honest non-judgmental and hilarious way. They talk about the ups and downs of dating and intimacy, including Cam’s neurosis and his moms outgoing spirit. They balance each other out well.

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7: Morbid

Best friends/Sisters Ash and Alaina discuss all things spooky and true crime in this morbidly detailed podcast. They have a laugh while doing it but never at the sake of the victims. They always use trigger warnings for things like sexual crimes. I especially love their listener tale stories which are truly spooky.

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  1. Crawlspace

A true crime shows from the team behind Missing Maura Murray. Tim Pillory and Lance Reenstierna continue their deep dives into missing persons cases, murders, robberies, and other mysteries. They interview others interested in crime including professionals. They are always extremely respectful of the victims they discuss.

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  1. Voices For Justice

Sister of missing/suspected murdered Alissa Turney, Sarah Turney created this podcast to talk about her sisters missing person’s case. Through this podcast the case received more attention, and her dad was charged with the murder of Alissa.

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  1. Sticky Beaks

Jessica Fritz Aguiar is an attorney investigating the case of Missing Doreen Vincent. She has visited the locations and family of Doreen which have helped her research this more. She really cares about finding justice for Doreen. She does discuss sexual abuse within the family but is careful to use trigger warnings.

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  1. This Is Actually Happening

A weekly podcast that probes the chaotic interiors of the human experience to find out what happens when everything changes. Many difficult topics are discussed in the podcast, but you can usually tell from the title the topic. I love hearing people’s stories and how it affects them, and this is perfect for that. The stories are very well produced and always true.

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  1. Beautiful Anonymous

Each episode of this podcast is with an anonymous caller from anywhere in the world. Comedian Chris Gethard lets the person talk for one hour about whatever they want or need to. There have been some really funny stories told overtime, but he also addresses many serious topics like his own mental health. The conversations go deep fast because Chris is a great listener.

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