My name is Niamh Wedlake, I am rom the UK I grew up in South Wales. I speak about mental health, chronic illness, disability, equality, intimacy  and lLGBTQIA issues.  In 2016 I won a  BBC Teen Hero Award for my work and got to meet Prince William and Kate. My writing has been in numerous charity magazines for my condition and I am a contributor at themighty.com.  I want to have my work featured elsewhere and would love to begin public speaking.


I have always had a lot to say, which has been a positive and a negative thing. I don’t always say the right things but I usually mean well. I created this blog to have space for all of my rambilings which is optional for others to consume. It’s not always the time and place to start going into the science of trauma,diseases or every single detail of apodcast or book I like. So here I am, in all my weirdo glory. Of course this does run a little deeper, I do hope what iwrite has the potential to comfort or educate others too. Although, sometimes it’s just plain old depressing or boring but so is life on occasion.

Most of the time I’m not talking is spent listening to podcasts by comedians, about psychology, mental health and storytelling. While enjoying those I can also be found crotcheting, writing or talking to my friends online. I really enjoy painting, a skill my grandmother taught me inspite of my vision loss. I’m  slightly witchy and enjoy learning more about the natural world and it’s benefits. One day I hope to travel the world because I love hearing stories and learning about other peoples lives. so feel free to contact me and tell me about your life story or your country.


I suffer from numerous disorders of the mind and body which I have writtenabout in detail here but for a basic overview: I have an autoimmune disease called Neuromyelitis Optica which attacks my eyes spine and brain. I woke up blind overnight at four years old. I have no vision in one eye and low partial sight in the other. I was also born without nasal passages but tha was corrected at birth. Due to my disease I struggle with chronic pain and fatigue as well as other issues. growing up sick isn’t easy so I’ve accumulated a lovely group of mental illnesses too! On the day to day I manage quite well and have adapted so it’s okay.


Well that’s me.  I hope you find my blog useful. All opinions are my own unlless stated otherwise. Please consult adoctor before putting medical advice into action. If there any errors you notice or if you have an issue with something isaid please contact me here