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The Importance Of Giving Hope To Chronic Pain Patients | Guest Post |

I am so honoured to share this wonderful guest post with you all on how important hope is in pain management. I have discovered this for myself so this is a very important topic to me. Ann-Marie D’Arcy-Sharpe writes for Pathways Pain Relief, a chronic pain relief app and blog. The app is created by… Continue reading The Importance Of Giving Hope To Chronic Pain Patients | Guest Post |

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Chronic Pain Is Unpredictable

My body is like the weather, you can predict it most of the time. You can plan. Take precautions. Change your plans. But some days there is a sudden downfall of rain causing a heaviness in my soul. Cold that makes me so sore I'm numb. A wind that makes my skin sting. Hail that… Continue reading Chronic Pain Is Unpredictable

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Missing Amid My Mind | What dissociation feels like

  The majority of my days are spent gone. Gone from this world. Gone from myself. I’d like to say I’m just on autopilot but for the most part I’m gone. It’s a strange feeling to enter into dissociation. It’s like you’ve time traveled to an era you’ve already lived through once, but you do not… Continue reading Missing Amid My Mind | What dissociation feels like

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Relying On Myself

  Yesterday I entered my new home for the next 3 months during self isolation, a large open farmhouse style apartment with dark wooden beams lining the ceiling and open sky lights bringing the outside inside.  It is my cozy sanctuary.  The corner sofa has a mountain of pillows to drown in and a  soft but… Continue reading Relying On Myself

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The Emotional Toll Of Being Chronically Ill

  Today I’m sharing my first ever guest post! Written by a blogger with EDS. Naomi is the author of where she writes about chronic illness and features guest bloggers. If  you’d be interested in having a guest blog on my site email me The emotional toll of being chronically ill is huge.… Continue reading The Emotional Toll Of Being Chronically Ill

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My Adrenal Insufficency

For the last 4 years I’ve been dealing with something called adrenal insufficiency caused by my steroids. It all started with increasing my immunosuppressants. My body needed more immunosuppressants but it made me severely anemic so I had to start steroids to move on to another drug. Bare in mind before this I was mostly… Continue reading My Adrenal Insufficency