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COMPACTCATH review I was recently sent some free catheters to try & review. The brand is called compact cath and they make well, compact catheters. These catheters are different to other designs I’ve seen since they come in this kind of disc shaped spiral which makes it super small and flat in your bag or… Continue Reading Review: COMPACTCATH


Review: BRAVE by Rose Mcgowan

This week I finished reading Brave by Rose Mcgowan, an incredibly powerful important book. Rose is an amazing writer with a great perspective on the world. Showing examples of how systemic sexism has women trapped in situations seen as normal in our culture. Not only speaking about the Harvey Weinstein, she discusses her whole life,… Continue Reading Review: BRAVE by Rose Mcgowan

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Nilaqua Body Wash review

Let’s be honest, showering when you have chronic fatigue is rough. It becomes a dreaded chore. I know for me, I don’t shower as much as I’d like to because I sleep through the times I’ve planned too, someones not always around to help, and just generally too exhausted. But friends, I have a life… Continue Reading Nilaqua Body Wash review


Pacifica review: easy self care

For the last year or so I've consistently used the wellbeing app Pacifica to manage my Depression and Anxiety. It includes daily tools for stress reduction and to improve your wellbeing, alongside a community. Based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & Meditation it is the perfect place to begin building a happier and reduced stress life. … Continue Reading Pacifica review: easy self care