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The Morning After

I’m begging myself to save me


Barriers To Intimacy With Disabilies

This sexual health awareness week in the Uk (16-22nd September) the nation is focusing on the Barriers to intimacy in disability; Confidence- Confidence is one of the major barriers to any kind of intimacy for anybody. If you don’t like yourself, how can you expect others to? A lot of the time the world tells us… Continue reading Barriers To Intimacy With Disabilies

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Nilaqua Body Wash review

Let’s be honest, showering when you have chronic fatigue is rough. It becomes a dreaded chore. I know for me, I don’t shower as much as I’d like to because I sleep through the times I’ve planned too, someones not always around to help, and just generally too exhausted. But friends, I have a life… Continue reading Nilaqua Body Wash review

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World in my hands

I’ve had my autoimmune disease since the age of four (2006). Since I was little my mum has used social media to connect to other patients and get information, because my disease is rare there wasn’t very much out there. But she found a small group of about twenty people on google hangouts, which has… Continue reading World in my hands

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Education and chronic illness

As school starts back for many of us, anxiety rises. For the chronically ill education can is always hard. Even with helpful changes and supportive friends it's so hard to manage your health and successfully continue education. One of the biggest things I have learnt on my journey with chronic illness is that education will… Continue reading Education and chronic illness