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The Ceaseless Work Of Healing

I want to be on the land, looking back to the ocean which tried to drown me.

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Why Mandatory RSE Must Include Disabled Pupils

Why Mandatory RSE Must Include Disabled Students This September relationship and sex education became mandatory for all pupils in primary and high school within the UK. When this news was released, and discussions of exclusivity and LGBTQIA+ communities were said to be included many people had something to say about this. The purpose of including… Continue Reading Why Mandatory RSE Must Include Disabled Pupils


The Power Of Having A Voice

I’m so grateful for my ability to effortlessly share my opinions without prosecution. During my college interviews this week, I have been able to be honest about my mental health and my disability, because I know it does not serve me to bottle it up. By speaking up people know how to help me can… Continue Reading The Power Of Having A Voice

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Missing Amid My Mind | What dissociation feels like

  Many of my days are spent gone. Gone from this world. Gone from myself. I’d like to say I’m just on autopilot but for the most part I’m gone. It’s a strange feeling to enter dissociation. It’s like you’ve time travelled to an era you’ve already lived through once, but you do not understand it… Continue Reading Missing Amid My Mind | What dissociation feels like

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Relying On Myself

  Yesterday I entered my new home for the next 3 months during self-isolation, a large open farmhouse style apartment with dark wooden beams lining the ceiling and open sky lights bringing the outside inside.  It is my cosy sanctuary.  The corner sofa has a mountain of pillows to drown in and a soft but… Continue Reading Relying On Myself

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COMPACTCATH review I was recently sent some free catheters to try & review. The brand is called compact cath and they make well, compact catheters. These catheters are different to other designs I’ve seen since they come in this kind of disc shaped spiral which makes it super small and flat in your bag or… Continue Reading Review: COMPACTCATH

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World in my hands

I’ve had my autoimmune disease since the age of four (2006). Since I was little my mum has used social media to connect to other patients and get information, because my disease is rare there wasn’t very much out there. But she found a small group of about twenty people on google hangouts, which has… Continue Reading World in my hands