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Why Mandatory RSE Must Include Disabled Pupils

Why Mandatory RSE Must Include Disabled Students This September relationship and sex education became mandatory for all pupils in primary and high school within the UK. When this news was released, and discussions of exclusivity and LGBTQIA+ communities were said to be included many people had something to say about this. The purpose of including… Continue Reading Why Mandatory RSE Must Include Disabled Pupils

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Chronic Pain Is Unpredictable

My body is like the weather, you can predict it most of the time. You can plan. Take precautions. Change your plans. But some days there is a sudden downfall of rain causing a heaviness in my soul. Cold that makes me so sore I'm numb. A wind that makes my skin sting. Hail that… Continue Reading Chronic Pain Is Unpredictable

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My fear of flare ups  Chronic pain is horrible. Chronic means; something negative which is long lasting.  My pain is complex, I have multiple kinds all over my body. The chronic pain started when I was 10 ish due to my nerve damage from Neuromyelitis Optica. I was on gabapentin to manage it - which… Continue Reading Flarophobia

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Better Days Ahead | Suicide Prevention

Yesterday was suicide prevention day, I wanted to write but I didn’t really feel up to it. Since this is an issue everyday, I will write today. Within the chronic illness community it’s very common to feel suicidal. Usually the thought process is that we don’t want to live THIS WAY. If we could be… Continue Reading Better Days Ahead | Suicide Prevention